The online review Digibro spreads awareness of just how much anime depends on sales from SO FEW people, how we take it for granted, and how there are so many behind-the-scenes business horror stories that I wasn’t even aware of!  Just be prepared for some really fast talking!

Watch it, for the sake of Digi’s broken foot! 

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Calling all anime and animation fans! Take a look at this relatively short video. It’s incredibly informative on exactly what it takes to make good anime and animation. Take a second to support what you want to exist. Please. 

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JACKIE CHAN IS MY HERO. He is one of the most humble people on this dear Earth. He’s so precious, works so hard, washes his underwear in the sink to save money, has broken every bone in his body, played Street Fighter character Chun-Li in one of his older movies, and his favorite moment is when Bruce Lee accidentally hit him in the head with a prop staff while filming “Enter the Dragon”. 

May this man be forever happy and hold all the puppies in the world. WHATEVER HE WANTS. 

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